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Comprehensive and Professional Transmission Repair in Lloydminster

Transmission systems are an integral part of your vehicle. Over time, it degrades due to normal wear and tear or rough or erratic driving habits. Transmission fluids diminish as the car covers miles and miles of travel.

You will start noticing problems with your transmission when it becomes difficult to shift or clunk when shifting. Can-Do Auto & Lube (1984) Ltd. ensures that your transmission is always in perfect working condition so that you do not have to bear with costly repairs in the long run. Head over to our shop for transmission repair in Lloydminster or call us for our service.

Comprehensive Transmission Service in Lloydminster

At Can-Do Auto & Lube (1984) Ltd, we offer a complete transmission service to identify its problems before it burns a hole in your pocket. We cover the following under our comprehensive transmission services in Lloydminster.

Transmission Diagnostic Service

We have experienced mechanics to diagnose problems with your transmission by performing the following checks so that you can enjoy a safe and smooth drive:

Transmission fluid levels.

Existing condition of the transmission.

Road test to find faults in upshift, downshift, passing gears, neutral, reverse, and more.

Check for external problems like connections, mounts, fluid retention, axles and shafts, and more.

Use computers to scan for internal diagnostics and trouble codes.

Transmission Overhaul and Repair

  • Your automobile contains various components, thus it is better to identify the issues in order to prevent expensive repairs or replacements later. You can consider Can-Do Auto & Lube (1984) Ltd for quality transmission repair services in Lloydminster. A transmission overhaul is also known as rebuilding a transmission.


    It refers to the removal and disassembly of the transmission in its entirety. Sometimes, a transmission overhaul or rebuilding is advised instead of replacing it with a new one to save huge costs. It is done by removing the transmission in its entirety to check for wear and tear, external damage, seals, gaskets, and more.


    If the damage is minimal, we will be more than happy to repair it instead of rebuilding it. Transmission repairs can include changing transmission fluids to repairing a leak. Can-Do Auto & Lube(1984) Ltd offers overhaul and repairs for all makes and models.

TCM Reprogramming for Ford and Dodge GM

  • Some makes and models of Ford and Dodge vehicles use a unique Transmission Control Module (TCM) software to diagnose and reset the transmission. TCM is an electronic part of the overall transmission which is responsible for interpreting the electrical signals from the sensors of the other parts of the vehicle. This comes in handy if you are experiencing issues while upshifting or downshifting.


    It also helps identify electrical circuit failures that can result in the loss of transmission while driving, no-start or lack of power. Can-Do Auto & Lube (1984) Ltd is equipped to diagnose, reprogram, and reset the transmission of your Ford and Dodge vehicles.

Driveline and Gear Box Servicing

  • The driveline in your vehicle is responsible for providing power to the axles whenever the road conditions demand it. This power is provided by the engine and controlled by the transmission. The driveline consists of axles, driveshaft, wheels, transfer case, and differentials.

    Drivelines are an important component of your vehicle’s engine. It is kept in check with the help of driveline fluid to ensure the lubrication of the transfer case. Can-Do Auto & Lube (1984) Ltd helps diagnose these problems and fix them if necessary.

    Are you facing problems with the transfer case or 4x4? Feel free to contact us to find its problems and get it serviced by us today.

Signs That Your Vehicle Needs A Transmission Repair in Lloydminster

Transmissions are crucial for your vehicle, as they carry the engine’s power to the drive axle. This, in combination with various gears, makes it possible for the engine to run at multiple speeds. Signs that can indicate that your vehicle is in need of transmission repair are:

-When the fluid emits a burned-like smell.

-When you notice a humming, grinding or clunking sound.

-When you are trying to change to gear and clutch stays engaged.

-When you hear a thumping or grinding sensation while changing gears.

-When the transmission pops back or slips while you are driving.


As soon as you notice these signs, it is suggested that you should immediately see a transmission repair specialist in Lloydminster. Don’t hesitate to visit us.

How Much Does A Transmission Repair Costs in Lloydminster?

The transmission repair costs are based on various factors and most likely on the severity of repairs. For instance, a transmission replacement or rebuild costs more than minor changes like fluid changes, among others. Some of the variations in the transmission repair are as follows:

Automatic and manual transmission repairs

Manual transmission repair or replacement costs less than automatic transmissions.


Vehicle’s make and model

Your vehicle’s make and model costs are crucial in understanding the overall transmission repair cost. Domestic and standard models significantly cost less than the imported and luxury models.


The severity of damage

The cost might vary based on the severity of damage to your vehicle’s transmission. The assessment also takes into account the maintenance of your car, which also contributes to the transmission’s damage.


The age of your vehicle

It is a bit challenging to find transmission parts for rare, vintage, or old vehicles as it only adds up to the cost of your transmission repair. New vehicle transmission problems are relatively easy to fix.

In addition, your choice of auto repair shop or garage also plays an essential role in deciding the cost of your vehicle’s transmission repair in Lloydminster. Each shop has its respective charges based on the location, its staff, and quality of services.

FAQs on Transmission Repair in Lloydminster

What Is Reseal Service?

Reseal service is performed when the fluid leaks from your vehicle’s automatic transmission. In such situations, the transmission is reinstalled, and clean transmission fluid is filled and checked for possible external adjustments when needed.

Clutch Service in Manual Transmission?

If your car has a manual transmission, having a clutch service is not new. Your vehicle’s clutch is assessed for possible adjustments, repairs, or replacement for the damaged clutch-related part. It is followed by the road testing of your car for clutch operations so that you can enjoy a smooth drive.

What Are Adjustments and In-car Repairs?

Transmission adjustment refers to the minor repairs done without removing your vehicle’s transmission. In cases of old transmissions, bands are adjusted to fix the slipping conditions of the transmission.

Which Parts Are Replaceable for My Transmission?

Vehicle transmissions have numerous parts that can be replaced, such as electrical parts. Replacement of accessible parts doesn’t require complete transmission removal.

Steer Clear of Accidents

Brake maintenance is as important as the safety of you and your family.

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